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Diamond Drilling

A unique diamond core drilling service for electrical, ventilation and plumbing applications

Diamond drilling is the most versatile, accurate and efficient method of forming holes and openings in many hard materials including reinforced concrete, but also in brick and in more fragile materials such as Terrazzo tiles. Trueform Ltd is the only company in Pembrokeshire offering specialist diamond drilling services. Our mobile service combines highly trained staff and the latest technology and equipment and can be on site at a day’s notice to undertake diamond drilling, sawing and other concrete cutting processes as required. Our expertise in diamond drilling means we can offer you a fast, efficient service in a wide range of applications, whether complex civil engineering projects or new build housing contracts. Benefit from low vibration, dust free cutting and non-percussive techniques which maintain structural integrity of the construction being drilled.

Drilling services offered include:
Diamond drilling ~ Diamond sawing ~ Stitch drilling ~ Concrete cutting ~ Core cutting

The benefits of engaging Trueform Ltd for your diamond drilling needs

  • As a business we are committed to continued evolution and development of techniques and equipment to solve any drilling problem
  • The latest equipment including high performance automated rigs, and a slurry containment and re-cycling system means we can drill in a wide range of environments.
  • We have a fully mobile workforce covering Wales
  • Trueform Ltd is registered with Constructionline and our staff are all CSCS accredited

About us

Trueform is a reinforced concrete contractor based in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

We provide formwork, falsework, bridge support, precast concrete, and steel fixing for a wide range of applications throughout Wales and the UK.

Trueform also carry out specialist diamond drilling and concrete repair work.

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